A new beginning..

Hello there! You’ve come to my new virtual wardrobe corner of the web..

I’ve always ogled historical costumes, and now’s the time to finally try and make something on my own.

Still not entirely happy with the blog setup, I’ve yet to fiddle with the font settings, mainly for size. But as always, so easy to get caught up in small details, when they’re not really overly important, other than for my OCD sense of wanting things just like so.. which indeed also can be applied to practical things like sewing project as well, so time to do something about that! Because practice will hopefully make something closer to perfect, in the end..

I’ve also a tendency to get burned out while on a certain subject/research topic, so this blog is my attempt to better plan ahead an pace myself. And not do EVERYTHING at once, too late.

More to come, soon!

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